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Yes, You Made It Here. I Think The Universe Have Answered A Prayer

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What difference would it make to your life if you finally started…

  • Feeling confident and in control of your finances 
  • Letting go of the hidden limitations in your energy

  • Making more money and attracting wealth into your life without ‘doing’ more


  • You no longer have to wait to get what you deserve.  

Because you learnt how to consistently align yourself and your energy, and know how to take the right actions towards it too.

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Ever Wish You Had A
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A Message From Me, Yvette

Hey Changemaker

First up YES ! You’ve made it here. 

I’m SO thrilled you’ve said YES to you. To take a step into your future and make decisions today which will last you a lifetime. 

We want to help you uncover those hidden limitations to your wealth (and be free) so and work together on your path to financial freedom.

I know what it feels like to be stuck in the Matrix, never feeling that you have enough money and struggling to make ends meet. Before I cracked the code to abundance and created my wealth, I used to feel exactly the same way.  

And I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. There IS another path for you. It a path for the rebels, those who are bored of the way things ‘are’ and know in their heart, they deserve to be free

There is more than enough abundance in the world and there is more enough for all of us.

You deserve to have wealth and abundance in your life. And know that I’m going to help you get there.

So we figured the quickest way is to help community of Change Makers and Silent Rebels was to jump on a call together and show you the path. 

We all think our circumstances are different, we all think our situation is somehow worse, yet we are all deserving of the life of wealth, abundance and impact we really want – and I want to show you how to get in flow with EAM and get to that place as soon as you can. 

A huge shift is coming in the world and you need to be ready for yourself, for your family and for your future.  

Just trust I’ve got you – you just need to make the right aligned decision to take action.

So let’s get started. Together, we can transform your relationship with money, free you from limits, change your mindset align your energy to create a life of wealth and abundance. I’m sooooo excited to walk this journey with you.  Love,Yvette

Here’s Why I’m Doing This Now…

First, I believe if we want to see change in the world. We need money in the hands of good people, because I know when you’ve got money you will choose to do good things with it, which benefit the many instead of the few. 

The current financial systems we’ve been operating within are designed to keep you in debt. And it is certain they do not want us escaping the matrix as it means you’re they lose control and you step into a life freedom. 

I’m here to show you that you can take back control & attract wealth and abundance into your life.  

By simply shifting your energy, changing your mindset & limiting beliefs and escaping the programming that created all the money problems in your life to this point.  

You have a big vision, big dreams and you need even bigger plans and support to make it happen. 

You also have limitless wealth and abundance, we just need to tap you into it.  

One supports the other.  

So let’s get you back to your abundant natural state and help you start living your true purpose.

Are You Ready To Be Free Of Those Hidden Limitations?

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We’ll create clarity on how you get you in flow,

how to escape the Matrix and set you on the path to financial freedom.

If you’ve tried and nothing has worked for you so far, by understanding the 9 money Manifesting Pathways in the Infin8 Wealth Plan and how they relate to your unique circumstances. 

You’ve also never applied EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ® to changing your life either THIS is the key to unlocking abundance in your life.  

Together, we will walk through the process and understand which of these 9 areas may be holding you back. Then we’ll co-create a plan for your fastest path to freedom. 

This is your own personal roadmap to financial freedom, based on what you want from life, so make sure you come to the call thinking bigger than you ever have, allow yourself to dream without limits about what you really want and let’s build a future you want to run towards.


This is NOT a ‘Sales’ call.

It’s So Much More than that.

I need to say it because that’s what so many other programs or courses explain away as a “strategy call” or “discovery call”. 

You will be talking with one of our EAM mentors who has been living, breathing this modality for years. So when they are listening they won’t just be listening to ‘sell’ you on the next step.

They are going to be able to listen and GIVE YOU specific insight on what is happening in your energy system, what is standing in the way for you in terms of creating wealth or changing your life  and what you need to do in order to transform it with EAM. 


With Us – You WON’T Get

Hard-selling or pushy sales talk, (we truly care for our community).

Pushing you down a route you have no intention of travelling or don’t want to do (we only want to guide people who are ready to do the work).

One-size-fits-all strategies and ideas you’ll struggle to apply (which is why we want to talk, because everyone is different).

Negativity, fear and anxiety around money (because that is the TOTAL opposite of what we’re here to do).

With UsYou WILL Get

Clarity on where to find and free yourself from money limitations.

Genuinely useful ideas, strategies and tips you can implement immediately.

Aha moments that help you understand your relationship with money.

Clarity on what steps to take next and how to get started.

Alternative ways to get off your current money path and into a world of financial freedom.

Only For Serious Action Takers

Here’s What Happens When We Jump On A Call Together

It’s going to be fun. It’s going to be joyful. And it’s going to change how you feel about money, manifesting and creating your future so you’re more positive, more abundant and more in flow. 

Here’s how it will go down…

  • We have a relaxed chat to get to know each other and figure out what you want to achieve.

  • We will uncover your wealth limitations (you already know what these are) and create a plan to release them.


  • You’ll walk away with an Infin8 Wealth Plan just for you and your situation (and the fastest path to freedom).
  • If it feels like a good fit and we think EAM can help, we’ll let you know and if it isn’t we’ll point you in the right direction of the next step or best place to begin.

  • You start seeing your life change in the next 90 days. And you celebrate!

All you need to do next is book your call to get started.



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Here’s what you can look forward to when you follow the plan


What Can You Do? Who Can You Help?
Who Can You Be To Those You Care About The Most?

When you empower yourself, and you’re free of financial worries, you can easily empower others. 

When you have received your wealth,you will have more freedom

More time to enjoy with those you love, 

Doing things which matter in the world, 

Knowing that YOU have contributed something significant to the lives of others. 


It’s why we need more people like you, change makers, with big hearts, big dreams and big visions to escape the Matrix, become financially free and make the impact you know you can, so that we change the world to the one we want it to be

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When we jump on the call together, we’ll be fully present and ready to support, get you clarity, uncover the limitations and create the perfect wealth plan for you.  

Because we’re setting time aside to be on with you, time and space for these sessions are limited each week.
It’s just a 20 -30 Minute Chat, to get to know you. The call will be held on Zoom.

So please choose a time you know works for you.

If you know this is right for you, act sooner rather than later.