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DANCE WITH THE DRAGON: Crafting Your Success Story in the Wood Dragon Year 2024

Embrace the Wood Dragon’s Wisdom for a Year of Unprecedented Growth

2024= 8 – A Year Of Abundance If You Know How To Access It

Calling In The Secret Weapon – Janine Lowe = International Feng Shui & Chinese Astrologer To Give You The Insight Into 2024

EMBRACE THE DRAGONS POWER: Discover how the Wood Dragon year can fuel your ambitions and dreams in 2024 AND how you can avoid fighting the beast and live in alignment with the energy

CHART YOUR SUCCESS PATH: Pinpoint the golden days & months that promise prosperity and success for you in 2024 based on your Chinese Animals


Learn the secrets to avoiding the dreaded Destruction Days (there are 2 or 3 each month, they can side line your success if you miss or have no idea how to avoid them. Learn the Red Underwear Magic: We will unveil the quirky yet potent protection rituals for your energy.

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