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3 Things You Were Never Taught About Making Money

How To Generate Wealth Starting With Just £100

The Scripted Life We Are Given ..

We’ve been lied to… for our entire lives.

Since childhood, it’s been drummed into us that the script for success is to get good grades at school, have a steady career, and own your own home.

You were never supposed to discover that “The Scripted Life” is a flawed financial system designed to keep you broke.

Today, you will hear the truth.

We are going to show you how, when you flip the script and break free of ‘The System’s’ clutches, you can be rich in time, energy, and money, and start living your life on YOUR own terms.

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Our Most Vital Resources Get Taken ..

How much of your family’s wealth legacy has “The System” stolen from you already, through their failure to teach you how to make money work for you, instead of the other way around? 

How many millions of pounds in passive income could you soon be creating for yourself and your family when you open your mind to the possibilities of having a wealthy life, free of the 9-5 headlock… 

… and imagine the new memories, adventures and experiences you will enjoy together for the rest of your life when you do.

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People in our community – The Wealth Generation will collectively be receiving life changing passive income within the next 18 months, from the decisions they are making today.

And despite what the mainstream media want you to believe, there is PLENTY MORE money in the pot for YOU, too!

Take a small step towards your new abundant future and watch these videos to explore your new paradigm where YOU consciously create present and future wealth for yourself and your loved ones.

You have nothing to lose and LOTS to gain!

Life is short, and you have already waited long enough to live life your way.

And Who Are We To Say ..

Jordan Lewis

Yvette Taylor

We are Jordan Lewis and Yvette Taylor.

Jordan has been a Forex Day Trader for the last three years, so he has a solid day-to-day understanding of what is happening in the world economy and is part of a global community of people using crypto and precious metals to build parallel wealth in the current economy.

Yvette is a mummy, teacher, guide, transformational life and business mentor, and best-selling author who has built multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses and empowered other Changemakers to create and build theirs to this level, too.

Together, Jordan and Yvette are on a mission to keep money in the hands of good people and empower 300,000 people globally to create passive income and Wealth Through Purpose™.

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