For spiritually-minded, awakening souls and change-makers who want to break free of The Matrix System & keep Money In The Hands Of Good People

Transform Your Money Story to Unlock Wealth & Passive Income, To Create a Secure Financial Legacy for Yourself and Your Family

(Without Having to Sell Your Time to the 9-5 System.)

How YOU can quit the weight of financial worry and take back control of every hour of your time when You Master Manifestation, Manage Your Money, Shield Your Wealth, and Create Passive Income Streams  That Pay For Everything & Bring More Time and Energy Freedom. 

Is this you…?


Since 2020 and probably even before, you’re realising the narrative the mainstream is spoon-feeding us isn’t ringing true in your heart anymore.

Your questioning mind is awakening to the truth that “The System” has an agenda that was never set up to serve you, and now you cannot unsee what seems to be hidden in plain sight to so many.  

You know and recognise the power of your ‘true’ spiritual or energetic self and sometimes still find yourself getting caught up in the 3D day to day ‘fears’ and ‘worries’ around money day to day living which undoes your manifestations. 

You long to ssssh those noisy negative inner voices which sometimes creep up or keep you up worrying about money and wonder how you can step out of the limited money cycle.

You’re becoming increasingly concerned about what this all means for you and your family’s futures, and you feel a calling deep in your bones to seek out new ways to find a new way & protect your freedoms. 

You’re seeing the rising costs of day-to-day living and know you need to find an answer, which doesn’t mean – working more hours because time already feels like a limited resource.

You sense the global shift or reset going on, and it frustrates you how those around you cannot see what you know, and you sometimes feel lost and alone on what you can do about it; you know there has to be a plan.

You long to escape from the 9-5 matrix and provide or contribute to your family’s financial destiny without relying on working 60+ hours a week in your business, an employer’s wage or the government for income.

You want to break free of ‘The System’s’ clutches so you can be rich in time, energy, and money, generate wealth, and embrace abundance on your terms to live your life more purposefully.


Discover the 3 Things You Were Never Taught About Making Money So Cash Flows Freely, .

Without You Having to Sell Your Time in a Job or Business.

Let’s talk about what you and I know as The System…


From almost the moment we were born, we’ve had  “important rules for life” drummed into us, like these: 

‘What will you DO when you grow up.’ 

‘Exams are important because qualifications will give you a good career and set you up for life.’

‘If you mess up at school, you’ll never get a good job.’

‘The harder you work, the more money you make.’

‘The safest place to save money is in the bank or Premium Bonds.’

‘You must go after a steady job that pays a good salary, or you’ll never get on the housing ladder.’

‘Those rich people get richer while we only get poorer.’ 

Knowing no different, you followed ‘The Scripted Path.’ 

You went to school…

You went to college…

You went to uni. (Kind of) 

All of this so you could do well at ‘making money in exchange for work.’ 

Yet, none of those ‘education providers’ taught you about money management or how to create real wealth, building passive income, where, when, why or how to invest your money so you don’t have to ‘work’ all your life.

Weird, isn’t it?!

The ‘Scripted’ Life Rarely Works Out For Us…


You became an adult, responsible for creating and managing your sources of money and STILL, your only financial education has come from watching how your parents “managed” their money or from them telling you to ‘stay out of debt and save for a rainy day’.

You have followed ‘the path’ you were shown…

You work your ass off in a job or run a business 

Make enough money to cover the bills and some extra for that rainy-day fund. 

Yet the fact society expects you to give away 40 YEARS of your MOST PRECIOUS resource (YOUR TIME) in exchange for one source of income with ‘just enough money’ and then to pay 40% of it back over in taxes to fund ‘The System’ is blowing your mind, isn’t it?! 

You realised recently that too many years have flown by with you feeling empty inside, miserable, lost, and hopelessly stumbling your way through life with nowhere near as much progress to the time, money, energy, and freedom you know you deserve. 

Doing the same things and expecting a different result! (kinda crazy when you think about it)

We did, too.

You’ve reached a point where that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOU ANYMORE… haven’t you?!

Your heart is calling you towards something more

You’ve had a nagging feeling inside you for the longest time. 

Yet you have never been able to stop, pause, and breathe long enough to uncover what on earth that feeling means for you.

You know there has to be another way, and you’re yet to figure out what that is. 

You just know you’re missing out on something better. 

You know in your heart you are MEANT to be DOING something different than THIS.’

Yet, No One Is Sharing HOW? 

Take a big deep breath with me, here, now (yes, really, in fact, take 3) and… 

Imagine yourself in 6 – 12 months from now, living the life you dream of…

This is a life where you have choices. That is true freedom. 

Freedom to CHOOSE what you want to do with your time, energy and money and live your life more on purpose  

You have shifted your energy, mindset and emotions to those that help you bring in wealth.

Your passive recurring income streams cover your monthly outgoings, and you have loads more in the right places to treat yourself and your family  – WITHOUT having to work 60 hours a week or dreading your 9-5. 

You feel safe because you have outpaced the rising cost of living and protected your money from financial crashes, and you feel more certainty because you have multiple income streams bringing more money daily. 

You Are On Your Pathway To Financial Freedom…

You have your plan to reach total financial freedom within the next year or two if you choose to stick with it and follow through. 

You trust yourself and make empowered financial decisions because you now have the knowledge missing all this time.

You are surrounded by like-hearted people who see the world the way you do and whose positive outlook uplifts you.  

You thrive in their loving energy and enjoy how they stand in their power for what they believe and are actively finding and creating solutions. 

Every day, your money grows, and you feel a sense of space, peace and calm inside, trusting in the knowledge that you and your family are taken care of financially.

You tingle with anticipation and pure excitement for the life you have created, the choices you now have – and the days you live free to be on purpose. 

Endless Possibilities From Making The Right Decision Today…

NOW you have possibilities – perhaps you’ll start that business you’ve longed to run, take the holiday you’ve always dreamed of, or gift time or money to the causes you care about.

This life might feel like a far-off future dream right now…

It was for us, once, too.

Here’s the thing…

The life you daydream of, where your time is your own, you have freedom of choice, the support of a nurturing community, and the money is flowing in consistently to pay for everything with lots left over; you can feel it is within reach of being your reality.

Your gratitude for the “best-decision-I’ve-ever-made” could be how you describe the time and money freedom you and your family enjoy.  

You Have The Path To Freedom & Can Step Out The Matrix…

When you take a moment to appreciate your new reality in the New Year’s Eve reflection post you’ll write to your friends on social media next year; you know the change happened because you followed your heart and did something differently.

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

You are ready to step out of ‘The System’ and into our ‘New Paradigm’…

… this one is filled with real freedom, independent wealth and limitless abundance.

You know you feel ready 

… You want more for your life than to trade your time in the 9-5 matrix 

… You want someone to trust who can help you make better more empowered choices with your money and your life …  and understand what to do with the tech

…. Someone who can show you the light at the end of the tunnel and give you a positive alternative to the system we have been taught.

You wish someone would lovingly take you by the hand and show you the way..

That’s where we come in…

We are Jordan Lewis and Yvette Taylor. Co Founders Of The Parallel. 

Together, they are on a mission to empower 300,000 Changemakers

In 18 months from now, our community will collectively be receiving £5.2M – £52M of passive income PER YEAR from the decisions they are making now!

If you want to change your life, learn to be in flow and create passive income and Wealth Through Purpose™, trust you have found us and are reading this page for a reason. 

(There are no mistakes in life)

In the last two years, we have helped build global communities, empowering thousands to create additional income streams and build wealth in alternative ways. 

And now we want to help you too.

Jordan Lewis

Jordan Lewis has been a Forex Day Trader for the last three years, so he has a solid day-to-day understanding of what is happening in the world economy and has his finger literally on the money every day. He is part of a team that has built a global community of people using crypto and precious metals to create parallel wealth in the current economy. 

In addition, he is also an international filmmaker who has worked in the creative industry since 2015; his work includes major Hollywood films and has inspired millions of people worldwide. 

He is on a mission to awaken as many people as possible into the world of financial freedom.

He continues his mission by using film and photography to empower people with the knowledge they need to protect their financial freedoms and thrive now and in the future.

Yvette Taylor

Besides being a mummy, Yvette is a teacher, guide, transformational life and business mentor, and best-selling author. Who has built multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses and empowered other Changemakers to create and build theirs to this level, too, with a background in sales, marketing, business coaching and property combined with a powerful transformational healer, lightworker and coach. She bridges the gap between the yin and the yang of wealth. 

She has spent the last 23 years uncovering the truth in the personal development space, empowering people to change their lives and create wealth.

Some say she is a nerd when it comes to manifesting and shifting your energy;

She’s also wildly passionate about empowering change makers to wake up and step into living their purpose, too (because she knows THAT is how we will change the planet).

As the creator of The Energy Alignment Method®, an internationally accredited energy, psychology, and self-help tool used by over 60,000+ awakened souls worldwide, she has shown people paths they never believed were possible and walked every step of the path to living on purpose, too.

Introducing… The Wealth Generation Community

… for the spiritually-minded, wise, awakening souls and change-makers who want to join a positive community of 300+ like-hearted truth seekers breaking free of The System, multiplying their money, creating passive income, taking charge of their financial destiny, generating wealth inside and outside of the matrix, and embrace a new paradigm filled with abundance while keeping it in the hands of good people.

Inside The Wealth Generation Community, we will …

Create A Financial Freedom Plan:

Hear the ‘real truth’ about the banking and financial systems and devise an empowered plan. create your path to gaining financial freedom by understanding your wealth numbers within the next 12 months. and ride the waves during times of uncertainty.

Generate Passive Income:

Outpace the rising costs by putting multiple (tried and tested) passive income streams in place to generate increasing amounts of money without working more (or any!) hours. You can let the money grow for you.

Diversify Our Wealth:

With the Triple Wealth Triangle, Learn where, when, why and how to put your money into the right places, understand all the different ways you can help your money grow (and why you need to spread the wealth to accumulate in different places to accommodate all the different things and stay safe and create options for all eventualities.

Be In Control and Feel Protected:

Stay ten steps ahead of what is happening in the wider world of money so you feel prepared, safe, and more in control of your financial destiny, having protected yourself, your loved ones and your family.

Be Connected:

Within a Supportive Community of Like-Hearted, Spiritual People on Your Wavelength: Join 300+ like-hearted souls, collectively focused on building Parallel Communities and Economies for our greater good, now and in the future. 

Get Financial Education:

Receive the essential financial education The System never wanted to give you, delivered in a very simple-to-follow way so you devise a planned pathway to your future prosperity that aligns with you and your family’s wants, dreams and desires.

Find The Hidden Truth:

Hear the ‘news’ from trustworthy sources so you see and hear the ‘hidden truth’ of what is reported as an opportunity, giving you the ideas, insights, and a heads up on the next steps to put in place to keep your money safe.

Stand In Your Power:

Be RESPONSE-ABLE for yourself, your life, emotions, energy, family, friends, future, and finances.

Shift Your Energy & Mindset:

Develop the right energy and mindset to keep yourself in abundant money flow so you can easily navigate this ever-changing world we’re living in.

What’s inside The Wealth Generation Community… 

Step by Step Video Guides, Written Tutorials & Support to Empower You To


Learning the power of EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ® you can say goodbye to living month to month and being stressed, overworked, and panicked about your future finances, and embrace a new prosperous normal, funded with passive, recurring income streams that deliver your dream lifestyle with time, energy & money freedom. 


Map your “Financial Freedom” pathway; break free of the time-for-money matrix you’ve been trained to be stuck inside since you were born and create your route to activating a limitless flow of abundance and making more money. 


Get the education you may have been missing all your life with bite-sized online classes, breaking down each topic into plain terms so simple a child could follow, giving you a top-level financial education without drowning you in jargon.


Deeply understanding the differences between centralised and decentralised financial systems so you know which ones to use, when, where and why so you very quickly become fluent in the language of coins, crypto and blockchain, so you have the confidence to make fully informed and empowered financial decisions for yourself with.


Equipping yourself with the knowledge to ask the right questions, cut through the BS and effectively perform due diligence that mitigates risk in your investment decisions when someone shares a new opportunity so you benefit from the controls provided by centralised banking, alongside the freedoms offered through the decentralised spaces.


Choosing and setting up your passive income pathways which we call Abundance Accelerators, we share with you tried and tested pathways to more wealth, now and in the future to build your and your family’s future wealth, raking in the rewards of moving quickly towards financial prosperity becoming your reality within the next 6-12 months.


Avoid the temptation to spend every penny as quickly as it arrives, by embodying the energetics and mindset of abundance so you feel at peace with receiving and keeping more money.


Leave negativity, lack and money drama behind, and embrace the new paradigm as your way of living, working, feeling and being so you and enjoy an empowering sense of happiness, calm, and safety, transforming your finances and creating a different life for everyone around you.


Join a supportive community of 300+ like-hearted truth seekers on their path to prosperity, fully guided by experts who are there for you at every stage, amongst people you align with who want you to thrive.


End the struggle of trying to piece together snippets of financial information from various sources on your own, uncertain of who is telling you the truth, and say hello to the tried and tested shortcuts to financial security, knowing you’re taking care of your family’s future the right way for you.

Learn from the people who have been there and done what you desire already, so you’re deploying your secret knowledge advantage from the very first day.

Quit trying to ‘work your way to a better life’ and giving your most precious resource  (time) away to ‘The System’ for less than it’s worth, and turn your “When I retire, I will…” dream lifestyle into your realistic next 12 month’s reality, without sacrificing more of your time in the process.


You’ll Also Receive These Gifts:


Calculate your unique “magic numbers” that lay your personal pathway to the time and money freedom you desire, so your safety and security sat-nav is programmed with directions to the right opportunities for immediate passive income and incredible wealth in the future.


The energetic and mindset shifts to stay in your power as you step out of the matrix, become free of the doom, gloom and fear we’ve all been programmed to feel forever, and boldly stride towards your dreams, getting into the right headspace to succeed, even when you’re going against the beliefs of everyone around you who are still firmly rooted in the old paradigm.


Fill out this easy-to-complete income tracker daily to monitor your numbers so you’ll not miss a penny of the income flowing towards you and enjoy seeing the snapshot of how much your money has grown.


Video classes and written step-by-step guides to support you through setting up your accounts and platforms, bank accounts, and exchanges so you overcome any tech challenges, with us and your peers right by your side.


Trust yourself to make the right financial choices with our top 10 due diligence questions to ask before committing your money ANYWHERE so you rapidly spot the red flags and run for the hills if anyone tries to convince you into a dodgy deal.


The single most simple strategy for managing your money and making empowered choices using the power of 33 so you master the art of building generational wealth for good.


With regular live video updates revealing the truth behind the mainstream narrative, uncovering the moves that are happening behind the scenes, explaining what that means for you and how to stay ahead of the curve, The Hidden Truth News Channel will soon become your most trusted source of factual financial information.


Anytime you’re stuck staring at a spinning cursor, have no idea which option to click, or are uncertain if the screen is meant to look like that, our tech team will be on hand to jump on a video call, share your screen and talk you through your next moves.

The Wealth Generation Community is for…


You KNOW there has to be more to life than this and sense something is ‘off’ with what we’re being told.


Changemakers, coaches, counsellors, therapists, guides, healers, practitioners, mentors, authors, speakers, and experts – you have a big heart and have a calling to make a difference in the world.


You want to break the bad-debt cycle and buy back your best years from the 9-5 matrix so you live the rest of your life fulfilled and on purpose.


You are ready to rewrite the generational money stories, create wealth on your terms, change your family’s financial status and leave a positive legacy for future generations.

The Wealth Generation Community will deliver…


For the days when your friends and family look at you like you have grown two heads if you try to talk to them about anything to do with the new paradigm, you’ll have a space to connect with a group of 300+ supportive, like-minded people who instantly get you. They will cheerlead you on your path to wealth mastery, including:


Never worry about sitting at your desk to learn or find more time,  you can access this anywhere. Simply download the app to tune in, read, watch or listen anywhere you have a spare 5-10 minutes or swap it out for your late-night social media binge. 


Use the simple step-by-step templates, worksheets, and questionnaires to print, write and learn without creating your own; just fill in the blanks. 


Have an expert team to jump in and fix any of your tech headaches daily opportunities to tap into our combined [30 years] of experience in building wealth inside and outside the matrix to answer your questions. 


in easy-to-understand language, so no matter how you do your best learning or your level of financial literacy, you’ll soon be seeing your numbers grow like a pro. 

  • The centralised and decentralised banking, finance, and blockchain education school and uni never gave you, so you are empowered to break free of The System, take charge of your and your family’s financial destiny, and generate recurring and passive wealth.

  • Recognising a wise and worthwhile investment from a bad choice or scam, so you trust yourself to make the right decisions that keep you moving forward towards your money goals every month.

  • Stepping out of The System that wants to keep you broke, in debt and scared, and rewriting the inherited, ancestral money stories that have been sabotaging your efforts to make and keep more money, so every day you are building your new rich lifestyle and a lasting legacy of wealth for yourself, your family and future generations.

Consider how much your life will be transformed when you build a wealth level that will enable you to …


Pay off outstanding balances from your past and become debt-free.


Reliably receive a passive and recurring monthly income while choosing what you do with your time.


Comfortably cover any unexpected expenses and spend more money on what and who you love

Are you ready to consciously create present and future wealth for yourself and your loved ones, educating the people around you to shift how they think about money by being their positive role model?

Then, NOW is YOUR best time to start.

Life is short, and you have already waited long enough to live life your way!

We are ready to show you HOW with our simple step-by-step system that will change your family’s financial abundance forever while keeping your money in the hands of good people.

Say YES to joining a supportive community of 300+ open-hearted, spiritually-minded, truth-seeking people on the same, positive wavelength as you with your path lovingly lit by Yvette and Jae who will be there for you at every step of your journey to…

  1. Multiplying your income (funding your day to day lifestyle). 
  2. Protecting your money (keeping your income safe from any bank crashes). 
  3. Planning for your financial future (long-term income-producing assets and investments). 

In 18 months from now, our community will collectively be receiving £5.2M-£52M of passive income PER YEAR from the decisions they are making now!

Want this kind of passive income for yourself and your family?

Join the 300+ smart decision makers in The Wealth Generation Community NOW and start changing your family’s financial present and future today!


What will I learn inside The Wealth Generation Community?

You will receive all the Financial Education you were never given at school because for The System to thrive, they rely on your staying in the dark.

We have taken the fundamental concept and broken everything down into simple to follow steps in easy to understand terms.

We tested the simplicity of our system by teaching our 9-year-olds how to create their own wealth and passive income.

Whatever your academic level, we’ve got you.  

(See above for the full syllabus outline).

How is the training delivered?

Inside an online portal, which you can access via your laptop, PC AND available in an easy-to-use mobile app.

Watch, listen, read and learn in bite-sized sessions. 

Each class is no more than 10 minutes to read/watch/listen, so you can consume in daily bite-size sessions or binge all in one go, at your desk or on the move, and fit your learning around your other commitments. 

When I’ve tried to learn about money, gold, silver, trading, blockchain and crypto before, it went over my head. How will this be different?

Many of the other teachers in this space are the geeks and nerds who tend to talk at an expert level that goes way over the heads of anyone who is not immersed in this topic 24/7.

We set up the Wealth Generation Community to help those who are brand new to the topic, delivered in easy to understand terminology that we tested with our 8 year olds.

Wherever you are starting we’ve got you covered. 

If you have dabbled in the past, the early classes will serve as a powerful update and refresher and may give you a whole different perspective.

How much is it to join The Wealth Generation Community?

When you join today, your investment is just £33 per month.

How much time should I allow to go through this each week?

We recommend you set aside one hour per week to go through the learning content. 

Or if you like to get things done in bitesize portions you can jump in every day and complete just one 10-minute section whilst you’re brewing your tea

Plus 20 -30  minutes each week to check in on your abundance accelerators, move your money and withdraw your profits.

Is there a minimum time I have to stay as a member?

There is no minimum contract period. You can cancel at any time. 

Although we think you’ll love it so much you want to stay. 

Will I need a big sum of money to invest to make a passive income?

Nope. You start building your passive income streams investing as little as £100.

Although once you find your feet, you might choose to increase the amount to £1,000 or more so you see real changes in your income over the next 12-18 months and beyond. 

Are there any opportunities to speak with Yvette and Jay in the community and get their advice?

We host a live call each month to share our insights to help you understand what is happening in the wider money world and answer your questions. 

You also have daily access to us inside our private community Monday to Friday so you can post questions in the thread and one of us will respond ASAP.

(Please note: our advice and question responses are provided for information only and do not constitute financial advice). 

Will I receive support if I get stuck?

YES, our amazing support team is there for you in the community and will jump on a quick call to help you any time you need help with tech. 

My family thinks crypto is a scam. How can I reassure them The Wealth Generation Community is legit?

It’s great that you have people looking out for you, and in some cases their scepticism is warranted.

There are dodgy investments that are set up with an intention to scam.

That’s why we teach you the 10 VITAL due diligence questions to ask so you avoid falling for a fake deal and recognise the valuable opportunities.

And if you are ever unsure, share the details with us in the community and we will help you discern if proceeding will be a bad move

I have a different question. Can I speak with someone before I sign up?

Yes. Drop a message to  and one of the team will contact you to schedule a call with you.

My question has been answered. I am excited to join The Wealth Generation Community.

Fantastic. We are excited to meet and support you to achieve a greater level of financial abundance and security for you and your family.

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