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Want To Attract More Wealth Into Your Life?

Access To Over 30 Deep Dive Energy Alignment Exercises To Be Free From Sabotage, Get Into Flow & Accelerate Your Wealth Creation

Designed To Work Alongside Your Infin8 Wealth Manifesting Kit
Introducing Our New 3 Month Wealth Acceleration Programme

This journey to start changing your financial flow with EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ® will empower you to see your money and the failing global financial system, step out of the matrix and find freedom on all levels of your life

The Freedom Accelerator will support you to:


UNDERSTAND MONEY, ENERGETICS & UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLES: You are where you are as we’re not given the knowledge to really understand money. There are laws of money. There are hidden energetics. If we don’t know how to work with this energy, hope guides us rather than understanding ourselves and how we create our wealth. Using EAM together, we’ll do the work to change what is in your energy field & shift your vibration so you become an open field ready to manifest more money with ease.


DISCOVER THE ILLUSION OF MONEY: We will uncover the illusion of the old paradigm financial system, how it is designed to work against you and how it’s all crumbling down. We will teach you practical steps so you can be free of your debts, loans, credit cards and maybe even your mortgage (it is NOT what you think) And learn why you need to be free of debts & create wealth now to support you and your family and loved ones in this upcoming financial global shift.


MULTIPLY YOUR MONEY: We will change and be free of bad money habits you may have picked up from your family, society and your limiting beliefs. We will introduce you to the CONCIOUS SPENDING SYSTEM so you know show you how to detox your outgoings, clear limiting beliefs, make more aligned choices around your spending and so that we have more free flowing money.

AND we will introduce you to Abundance Accelerators, and one additional streams of passive income which can help your money to grow by 5% per week ! (YES REALLY!)