Setting Your 90 Day Intention

Great – now you understand a little more about the Infin8 Wealth System, let’s focus on the outcome of our journey together.


So the big question is, how do we do it?  It’s a process which begins with us getting clarity on what it IS you actually want to manifest. Followed by daily focused intentions and aligned actions to bring this into your life.


Setting intentions is an empowering process, the first step in the journey to manifesting. It’s about clarity, what IT is that you actually want to create.

We will be looking at creating an intention in each of the 9 areas we shared from the Infin8 Wealth System, with the ultimate intention to call in this lump sum of money you’re asking for.

The challenge is we are often focused on too many things which conflict with one another. So we mis- manifest and never really bring our full manifestations to life. Which is why we have to follow a process to manifest.


To manifest ANYTHING in your life, you need these 5 things to be in alignment and congruent to the manifestation. Let me tell you what they are.

  • VISION  – Get clear on what you want to manifest, whether you ‘see’ it in your mind’s eye, you can ‘feel’ it in your energy or just ‘know’ that it is what you want.


  • ENERGY  – This means your energy field must be a vibrational match to it. This is where EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ® , will help you to release and let go of the REVERSALS & RESISTANCES in your energy field, which are sending a contradictory vibration about the subject you want to manifest. Then it will get your energy into the RECEPTIVE state so that you can call it in more easily.


  • THOUGHTS & BELIEFS  – By aligning your thoughts, beliefs, mindset and reprogramming your inner self talk, so that we are supporting the manifestation with our consistent thinking. By changing this in our subconscious (aka our energy field) we can create an empowered mindset to create what we want.


  • EMOTIONS  – Your emotions are a vibration, every emotion you feel sends a vibration out into the world and into every cell in your body. It is energy in motion an electrical signal which will attract back to itself more of the same vibration. Without diving too deep into it right now, very simply our emotions tell us where we are in the process of manifesting. RESISTANT EMOTIONS – Such as fear, depression, overwhelm and powerlessness are low vibration and means you are mis manifesting what you’re asking for. RECEPTIVE EMOTIONS – Such as confidence, empowerment, excitement, happiness, love, freedom, joy will manifest into your life at speed.


  • ALIGNED ACTIONS – Lots of people spend their lives being busy or taking action, often in the wrong right direction. ALIGNED actions means that the action you are taking is a) congruent with the VISION or INTENTION of your manifestation or b) it has come from any inspired idea, thought, idea or action that ‘ comes to you’ or is presented to you. When you follow flow and take aligned actions from this place THIS IS HOW YOU MANIFEST into your every day life.

When you follow the process we have created for you we will tap into the aspects of each of these 5 things to allow you to manifest your lump sum of money (or anything you want in your life). These are all intricately woven into the steps, actions and manifesting you will do each day.  So follow what we share and watch the magic unfold.


Now you understand the process, we need to set the intentions to manifest and get clarity on your vision.

We’ll be using EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ® to make sure they are intentions worth setting !

You can write these on a blank piece of paper or inside your manifesting journal on the page marked SETTING YOUR 90 DAY INTENTION ! 

Find a quiet space, free from distractions. Light a candle and firstly just answer these questions with the FIRST thing which comes to mind.

Using the 9 areas of the Infin8 Wealth System answer each of the following questions for the relevant areas.

Write the answer to each question in the positive tense (eg. without writing the negative and write it in the present tense, as though you have it today).

1. Universal Principles 
What change would you like to see in the way you are aligned or attuned to magically manifesting money with ease? ie. I am consistently open, aligned easily magnetising large sums of money into my life, for me to keep.

2. Freedom From Debt 
Choose one debt that you are free of, are cleared or paid off in full? ie. I am so grateful to have paid off my £5000 credit card, creating more space for money to flow in.

3. Spending & Saving 
What change have you made in your spending or ability to save money? ie. I love that I have saved £10,000 extra money in my bank account.

4. Create & Manifest Wealth 
What new doorway, or pathway have you opened to create new assets and allow money to flow into your life with ease? ie. I am so happy that I now have invested my money into crypto / shares / a business, that allows more money to flow my way.

5. Receive & Ask 
Who have you received money from (with interest) that was owed to you from unexpected places?  ie. I am blown away that I have received a £2000 back from my friend I lent money to 7 years ago.

6. Discover Your Life Path
What clarity do you have around your life path, what you were born to do and how you can bring this into your work? ie. It feels so good knowing the key skills, strengths and energies that I have to bring to my work in the world.

7. Generate & Earn 
What will change or grow in the way that you earn money in your life? ie. I love that I have started my dream business, and got my first 3 clients paying me £5000 each.

8. Managing & Profits 
How do you manage your money and set aside money for profits, to then generate more money in your life? ie. I am so grateful that my money management system is implemented, and I extra money set aside every month to create wealth

9. Make An Impact 
What charities, projects, causes or people would you love to have excess money, time and energy available to give to? ie. It feels so good that I have been able to spend time at the local refuge empowering women to change their life.

In the box, now write the amount of money you wish to manifest in the next 90 days.


Now it’s time to do some EAM – The Energy Alignment Method ®.

Following the 5 steps of EAM, for each of these statements you have written please do the following.

  • Step 1 – Ask –  Say the statement out loud, it’s very important you use your voice to send the vibration into your energy field.
  • Step 2 – Move – You body will respond with a YES (Forward) or NO (Backwards). If it’s a YES great this means you are in alignment with that statement (go to step 5). If it is a NO this means you may need to release – Go to step 3)
  • Step 3 – Experience – Notice where in your energy field you are feeling any resistance to this statement, for example. Does it feel strange in your throat when you say it? or do you notice a heaviness in your heart.
  • NB. With the last statement (Your 90 Day intention), at this step please also do the following.
  • Ask your sway ‘Are there any limitations in my energy to manifesting this amount of money?‘.
    If yes how many – using the numbers process outlined in the how to use EAM method, find out how many resistances you have to manifesting that amount eg. Is it more than 100 / 1000 / 10,000 etc you will need to release this with step 4.
  • Step 4  – Transform – Now release this resistance from your energy by saying, “I am ready to release this resistance in my (place in your body) when I think about manifesting (Say your statement out loud). I release this from my energy in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.”  or “I am ready to release these 10,000 resistances to manifesting £100,000 into my life, I release this from my energy in all forms, on all levels, at all points in time.”  NB. Remember before moving to step 5 that you have released these resistances etc at step 4. You may need to repeat step 4 a couple of times. With the amount of money for your manifestation, after you have released this resistance please ask your sway if this is still the correct sum of money? It may have now increased. The correct number may pop into your mind or you can ask your sway, eg. ‘Is my 90 day intention now £200,000?’. Keep on asking your sway until you are clear what the new number is then change this in your 90 day intention box.
  • Step 5 – Manifest – This is where we align ourselves to the manifestation.“I am ready to allow myself to manifest this as my truth, into my everyday reality, as fast as possible, with ease, for the good of all concerned. (Say the statement or amount of money). I allow this into my energy in all forms, on all levels at all points in time.”

Complete this for EACH statement and make sure you have written everything in the present tense, tweak any words in the statement if you need to.

Once you have done this read them all through, say them out loud including the manifested amount of money, really FEEL this in your energy field.  Notice where in your body, or energy has changed. For example do you feel a lightness in your heart or like there is a glow inside of you. If you can imagine or see, feel it as an object eg. this golden treasure chest of light, inside my tummy. Then on the next page in your journal

HOW DOES IT FEEL – Please make a note of this, we’re going to tune into this feeling often, as THIS is the manifestation of your money.