Wealth Through Purpose

For Changemakers Searching For Inner Power, Freedom & Abundance Create Prosperity Through Purpose & Free Yourself From The Matrix

Join our new Wealth Through Purpose journey using the power of EAM to free yourself from sabotage, create abundance, stay in flow, live your purpose & step out of the matrix to find freedom on all levels of your life

Here’s What’s Included

Each module is packed full with training videos, the corresponding energy work using EAM and audio affirmations to align your energy system and reprogram your field.

Jump onto a live online call, and take a journey through what ever is happening, In the world, your life, how you need to apply EAM, what key concepts, ideas and insights we may need or tiny tweaks on the program to see how it needs to work for you. 

Listen and raise your vibration anytime and anywhere. Tune in and be guided through your daily alignment.

MENTOR WORKSHOP SESSIONS : Group EAM sessions, every other week so you have space set aside in the diary WITH support and accountability to DO the EAM energy exercises, with an EAM mentor there to coach, guide and mentor you live.

ACCESS TO THE PARALELL: Ongoing access to The Paralell, our community dedicated to introducing you to Abundance Accelerators, different ways of building additional income streams into your life.

EAM FOUNDATIONS TRAINING: This simple step-by-step energy psychology, to tap into your subconscious, find what holds you back, release hidden limitations from your energy, reprogram your energy field, shift your vibration and manifest your dream life.

BI-WEEKLY COMMUNITY CALLS: Show up, ask your questions and gain clarity from myself & my team and I who have been there and done it.

2 DAY  WORKSHOP – ENERGY EXPERIENCE WITH YVETTE: Designed to prepare you for the energy work ahead. Ensuring you know the basic principles of The Energy Alignment Method so that you can experience the deepest energy shifts

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Nicola Barragry

It’s been such a journey through using EAM to create my new found wealth and never would I believe that THIS would have happened to me ! We were living in a tiny house that I loved and would never imagined we’d have afforded to move out of.
I followed the steps that Yvette shared, and set aside my limitations, doubts and beliefs. And here we are a few months later. I am now living in my dream home, which appeared out of nowhere so I followed the flow, and we ended up manifesting tens of thousands, SAVING tens of thousands and didn’t even have to sell our first home ourselves.
Never would I have believed that it would happen yet here we are living proof that is IS possible. Never let your current manifestation be the thing which holds you back.
With EAM it IS magic and it can happen for you too!! JUST trust the process!

Kane Templar

Before EAM I had other methods which had worked well but stuck on some issues – EFT never worked for me – nor NLP and others.
I was so full of fear and anger and I did not know how to control it. If you’re thinking of joining just DO IT!!! Especially if you have blocks stopping you from moving forward.
With EAM I was just able to identify blocks I didn’t know were there then clear them. Now I feel I can have mastery of my emotions and becoming whole in my life again. Yvette is great, is a little crazy at times 😉 .. but she is just down to earth.
Now I just feel FANF***INGTASTIC!!!! from this. I now just feel so positive, free, whole and complete I feel like an Emperor.

Gloria Prest

After journey with EAM I feel so different . I feel like I am capable and confident to do what I want to do.
My biggest challenge is knowing that I am capable but never achieving success in being financially independent. I have done lots of courses before and nothing like this!
What I love about EAM is that it is a complete comprehensive system to achieve and maintain mental clarity and health and shift my wealth.
I feel empowered. I love the energy and the support in the groups. I had a fantastic experience with Yvette as a coach.
There is no other method that I have found as a therapist (with a degree in psychology) that works as fast as EAM in transforming minds!